London-born vegan chef Charlise Rookwood uses her imagination and creativity to prepare dishes with the flavors and inspiration from her Jamaican and Mauritian roots. 

Her mission is to help everyone live a healthier, cleaner life, and she is particularly focused on helping communities of color eat healthy, plant-based meals without losing the flavors they enjoy from their favorite take-out spots.

She believes that we have a moral imperative to choose and advocate for plant-based diets for the health of our planet and the well-being and survival of generations to come.

She regularly visits schools where she teaches first and second graders about plant-based cooking and she runs a plant-based catering company known for supplying vegan baked goods to cafés across Manhattan.

She has developed vegan menus and catered special events for celebrities such as Donnell Rawlings, Dean Edwards, Incognito, i One (BET red carpet) and many more. 

Rookwood is also the host of The Black Vegan Kitchen where she chops it up with taste makers, musicians, influencers and the best vegan chefs in the country in search of the perfect plant-based meal. 

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